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The Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine

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Past Recipient of Academic Awards

1960' Recipient of Academic Awards
No. Year Name Title of paper
1 1963 Hahn Hyung-Joo
2 1964 Lee Yon-Ho A new second intermediat host of genus Paragonimus] Korean-J-Parasitol 1964 Jun; 2(1): 35-40
3 1965 Choi Dong-Wik Studies on the intradermal test of Clonorchis peptide(CPT) Antigen 1. Preliminary report.. Korean J Parasitol. 1965 Jun;3(1):39-44.
4 1966 Ryu Che-Shik
5 1967 Lee Soon-Hyung Studies on lactic dehydrogenase activity in parasitic helminths Korean-J-Parasitol 1967 Jun; 5(1): 5-16
6 1968 Cho Kee-Mok
7 1969 Kim Don-Kyu
1970' Recipient of Academic Awards
No. Year Name Title of paper
8 1970 Kim Dong-Chan
9 1971 Koh Tae-Young
10 1972 Jang Doo-Hwan [Study on the Eurytrema pancreaticum II. Life cycle] Korean-J-Parasitol 1969 Dec; 7(3): 178-200
11 1977 Im Kyung-il Observation on ultrastructure and enzyme activity of free living amoeba-acid phosphatase and peroxidase
12 1978 Cho Seung-Yull Study on the quantitative evaluation of reinfection of Ascaris lumbricoides Korean-J-Parasitol 1977 Jun;15(1): 25-29
1980' Recipient of Academic Awards
No. Year Name Title of paper
14 1980 Rhee Jae-Ku [The wormicidal substances of fresh water fishes on Clonorchis sinensisI. Preliminary research on the wormicidal substance from mucous substance of Carassius carassius] Korean-J-Parasitol 1979 Dec;17(2):121-126
15 1981 Kim Chong-Hwan [Study on the Metagonimus sp. in Gum river basin, Chungchung-nam Do, Korea] Korean-J-Parasitol 1980 Dec; 18(2): 215-228
16 1982 Min Hong-Ki [An epidemiological study on zoonoses in Korea] Korean-J-Parasitol 1981 Aug; 19(1): 60-75
17 1983 Kang Shin-Yong A study on intestinal lesions of experimentally reinfected dogs with Metagonimus yokogawai Korean-J-Parasitol 1983 June; 21(1): 58-74
18 1984 Chai Jong-Yil Epidemiological studies on Ascaris lumbricoidesreinfection in rural communities in Korea 1. The relationship betweenprevalence and monthly reinfection rate Korean-J-Parasitol 1983 Dec;21(2): 135-141
19 1985 Joo Chong-Yoon Seasonalprevalence of the vector mosquitoes of Japanese encephalitis virus inKyungpook Province, Korea Korean-J-Parasitol 1985 Jun; 23(1): 139-150
20 1987 Ahn Yung-Kyum [Experimental and epidemiological studies on the life cycle of Echinostoma hortense Asada, 1926 (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae)] Korean-J-Parasitol 1986 Dec; 24(2): 121-136
1990' Recipient of Academic Awards
No. Year Name Title of paper
21 1991 Min Duk-Young [The effects of antibodies and complement in macrophage-mediated cytotoxicity on metacercariae of the lung fluke, Paragonimus westermani]. Korean-J-Parasitol 1990 Jun;28(2):91-100
22 1992 Yong Tai-Soon Analysis of Clonorchis sinensis antigens and diagnosis of clonorchiasis using monoclonal antibodies. Korean-J-Parasitol 1991 Sep;29(3):293-310
23 1993 Hong Sung-Tae Transmission modes of Pneumocystis carinii among rats observed by karyotype analysis. Korean-J-Parasitol 1992 Dec;30(4):283-8
24 1994 Eom Kee-Seon Experimental infection of pigs and cattle with eggs of Asian Taenia saginata with special reference to its extrahepatic viscerotropism. Korean-J-Parasitol 1992 Dec;30(4):269-75
25 1995 Kong Yoon Cleavage of immunoglobulin G by excretory-secretory cathepsin S-like protease of Spirometra mansoni plerocercoid. Parasitology 1994 Dec;109 ( Pt 5):611-21
26 1996 Ree Han-Il [Identification and characterization of allergens of Chironomus flaviplumus adults (Chironomidae, Diptera) in mice]. Korean J Parasitol 1996 Mar;34(1):35-47
27 1997 Chung Dong-Il Biochemical and molecular characterization of a strain KA/S2 of Acanthamoeba castellanii isolated from Korean soil. Korean J Parasitol 1996 Mar;34(1):79-85
28 1998 Sohn Woon-Mok The first discovery of larval Gnathostoma hispidum (Nematoda: Gnathostomidae) from a snake host, Agkistrodon brevicaudus. Korean J Parasitol 1998 Jun;36(2):81-9
29 1999 Ryu Jae-Sook The role of nitric oxide as an effective macrophage-mediated cytotoxocity against Trichomonas vaginalis. Korean J Parasitol. 1997 Sep;35(3):189-95.
2000' Recipient of Academic Awards
No. Year Name Title of paper
30 2000 Hong Sung-Jong Molecular cloning and immunologic characterization of phopphoglycerate kinase from Clonorchis sinensis. Mol Biochem Parasitol. 2000 May;108(2):207-16.
31 2001 Shin Myeong-Heon Cysteine proteasesecreted by Paragonimus westermani attenuates effector functions ofhuman eosinophils stimulated with immunoglobulin G. Infect Immun. 2001Mar;69(3):1599-604.
32 2002 Kim Tong-Soo Molecular cloning and expression of Cu/Zn-containing superoxide dismutase from Fasciola hepatica, The Infection and Immunity (2000)
33 2003 Nam Ho-Woo Protease activity and host cell binding of the 42-kDa rhoptry protein from Toxoplasma gondii after secretion. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 287: 630-635, 2001.
34 2004 Shin Ho-Joon Molecular cloning and characterization of a gene encoding a 13.1 kDa antigenic protein of Naegleria fowleri. J Eukaryot Microbiol 48: 713-717, 2001
35 2005 Park Soon-Jung Identification of an encystation-specific transcription factoe, Myb protein in Giardia Lamblia. Mol Biochen Parasitol 128: 167-174, 2003
36 2006 Hyun-Hee Kong Intracellular localization and trafficking of serine proteinase AhSub and cysteine proteinase AhCp of Acanthamoeba healyi. Eukaryot Cell 5: 125-131, 2006
37 2007 Young-Ha Lee Inhibition of Lewis lung carcinoma growth by Toxoplasma gondii through induction of Th1 immune responses and inhibition of angiogenesis. J Korean Med Sci 22(Suppl): s38-46, 2007