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The Korean Society for Parasitology and Tropical Medicine

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About KSP

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The Korean Society for Parasitology (KSP) was founded on January 15, 1959 at the Faculty Club of Seoul National University, Korea. The Society pursues the improvement of the knowledge on the parasites and parasitic diseases, exchange of scientific accomplishment with foreign scientists, publicity activities, consultation on the parasitic diseases, and intimate relationship among Society members. KSP had became a member of World Federation of Parasitology on August 25, 1974.

Society which began with 59 members in 1959, has more than 400 members including foreign members. The Society's official publication is the Korean Journal of Parasitology launched from 1963. The Society members regularly met together biannually for the exchange of the scientific works. The Society welcomes any person who has interests on the parasites and parasitic diseases not only in Korea but also abroad.