Volume 52(4); August 2014  
New Molecules in Babesia gibsoni and Their Application for Diagnosis, Vaccine Development, and Drug Discovery
Goo YK, Xuan X.
Original Articles  
Amoebic PI3K and PKC Is Required for Jurkat T Cell Death Induced by Entamoeba histolytica
Lee YA, Kim KA, Min A, Shin MH.
High Expression of Water-Soluble Recombinant Antigenic Domains of Toxoplasma gondii Secretory Organelles
Yang Z, Ahn HJ, Nam HW.
Nested-PCR and a New ELISA-Based NovaLisa Test Kit for Malaria Diagnosis in an Endemic Area of Thailand
Thongdee P, Chaijaroenkul W, Kuesap J, Na-Bangchang K.
Molecular Analysis of Anisakis Type I Larvae in Marine Fish from Three Different Sea Areas in Korea
Sohn WM, Kang JM, Na BK.
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Clonorchiasis among Residents of Riverside Areas in Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Korea
Park DS, Na SJ, Cho SH, June KJ, Cho YC, Lee YH.
Prevalence of Zoonotic Trematode Metacercariae in Freshwater Fish from Gangwon-do, Korea
Cho SH, Lee WJ, Kim TS, Seok WS, Lee T, Jeong K, Na BK, Sohn WM.
Genetic Diversity of Echinococcus granulosus in Center of Iran
Pestechian N, Hosseini Safa A, Tajedini M, Rostami-Nejad M, Mousavi M, Yousofi H, Haghjooy Javanmard S.
Intestinal Helminthic Infections in Striped Field Mice, Apodemus agrarius, from Two Southern Regions of Korea
Sohn WM, Na BK, Song HJ, Kim CM, Nam GJ.
Case Report
Pulmonary Toxocariasis Mimicking Invasive Aspergillosis in a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis
Park EJ, Song JY, Choi MJ, Jeon JH, Choi JY, Yang TU, Hong KW, Noh JY, Cheong HJ, Kim WJ.
Brief Communications
The MAK16 Gene of Entamoeba histolytica and Its Identification in Isolates from Patients
Crisóstomo-Vázquez MD, Marevelez-Acosta VA, Flores-Luna A, Jiménez-Cardoso E.
Suppression of Eimeria tenella Sporulation by Disinfectants
You MJ.
Gefitinib Inhibits the Growth of Toxoplasma gondii in HeLa Cells
Yang Z, Ahn HJ, Nam HW.
Molecular Detection and Seroprevalence of Babesia microti among Stock Farmers in Khutul City, Selenge Province, Mongolia
Hong SH, Anu D, Jeong YI, Abmed D, Cho SH, Lee WJ, Lee SE.
Karyological Studies of Biomphalaria tenagophila (d'Orbigny, 1835) (Gastropoda: Planobidae) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Park GM, Yong TS.
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